Scion Underground Pre Exposed Meet 2.11.11

Scion Underground 2.11.11

Everyone knows that Jacksonville is playing host to the latest Exposed event on 2.12.11. What people are learning is there is also a FREE Pre-Meet up on 2.11.11 at Automotive Lift Rentals, USA!

Located at 6006 Richard St in Jacksonville, Fl the pre Exposed meet up is generating a lot of buzz as THE spot to be the night prior to exposed. Yours truly will be there snapping pics and its shaping up to be a large meet (heh, large meet…cd). So make sure you come join us around 7pm and bring your Scion homies so good times can be had by all. Post up any comments or questions you may have!

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  2. Clayton says:

    Had a great time! Lots of great people and as always big thanks to David at ALR for hosting everyone. Great night to start a great weekend!