SR visits Automotive Lift Rentals, USA

Recently The Sibling Rivalry Crew visited the all new do it your self shop Automotive Lift Rentals, USA. The guys over at ALR were nice enough to give us rock star access before they were officially open to photograph and explore the place. The shop rents out lift time for you to work on your own personal vehicle, air tools and offers many other features.

Right when you pull in the lot, you can tell this is not your average spot to turn a wrench, as a very clean parking lot greets you and your vehicle. As you enter the building there is a very nice waiting area that has some chairs and a few magazines. You have to go up to the counter and sign a waiver to get access to the shop, for obvious liability reasons. Once you handle the legal mumbo jumbo, your directed in to the shop and assigned a lift. One really nice thing I enjoyed when I was there was the assistance I received. Having never used a hydraulic lift previously (but placed many cars on four jack stands, I was apprehensive about using the machinery without some instruction. I was directed on the lift and had help positioning the four points that actually contact the car to raise it, this was…a good thing lol. After that, you are pretty much free to work on your car.

However, ALR doesn’t just offer lifts. They also offer air tools, specialty tools, same day parts delivery to the shop, free wifi and access to shop manuals. Some of these are for a nominal fee, but well worth it if you need a tool just for a one time job.

We had a chat with Scott from ALR to ask him some questions:

SR: So whats ALR about?

Scott: Our company name is Automotive Lift Rentals, USA or ALR for short. Our goal is to supply a fully equipped automotive shop to anyone who enjoys working on their car themselves or would like to save a few bucks on a repair that is either too difficult to do in a driveway/home garage or for someone who lacks the tools necessary to do the job. We offer the facility and tools to complete almost any job at a safe and professional type automotive repair shop at a considerable discount compared to traditional repair shops.

SR: What services do you offer?

Scott: We offer and keep on site any tools needed for typical repairs and will purchase tools needed for a customer to do a repair if we happen to not have the tool they need to complete the job. With the rental of each lift, we supply free of cost an 80 piece set with most of the usual tools and charge either $5 or $10 per day for more specialized tools (mainly the tools that are expensive and not likely to be used more than once or twice by someone who isn’t a mechanic and would otherwise just be kept in storage if privately owned).

SR: Where are you located at and what are your hours?

Scott: Our business address is: 6006 Richard St, Jacksonville, Fl 32216.
Our hours are:

Monday – Thursday 10am to 8pm
Friday & Saturday 10am to 10pm
Sunday 12pm to 8pm

We also offer the ability to come in by appointment during off hours if scheduled and will also stay open later than the times above if someone is close to finishing a repair.

SR: How much does it cost?

Scott: Our cost on an hourly rate is $25.00 per hour for a lift and as i mentioned before some tools are included. We prorate time down to the minute so that everyone pays for only the time used. We also offer discounted rates for Military, Police, and Fire Department employees. In addition to that, we also offer a discount to car clubs who provide a banner to be hung up in our shop and will allow each club who presents us with a banner to hold meetings at our shop in our meeting room.

We have few restrictions aside from the usual rules that you would expect in an auto shop. Mainly the only repairs we can not accommodate are hot work types of repairs such as welding and torch cutting.

SR: Are all the owners into cars? Where did this concept come from?

Scott: The idea for Automotive Lift Rentals was derived from our desire to find a place better to work on cars than in our driveways at home. As anyone who works on cars knows, it is miserable to be under your car in the driveway in the heat of the summer. All 4 owners of Automotive Lift Rentals come from local Jacksonville car clubs which was heavy into racing and modding our cars. As a result of our interest in working on cars, we were constantly looking for easier and cheaper ways to go fast and spend less time doing the repairs/upgrades. Automotive Lift Rentals was initially designed for the use of just a few people and along the way, we realized that it had a greater potential to be a business that many people could use and share the enjoyment of working on cars that we all possess.

So there you have it. Go visit Automotive Lift Rentals.

4 Responses to SR visits Automotive Lift Rentals, USA

  1. David says:

    Hey guys thanks for comming out to the shop.It was great having the support of the SR family. The help you gave us around the shop and the opportunity to come out to your show and see what SR luv is really all about is top notch…thanx again and i’m looking foward to see what you have in store for the SR 2011 show…

  2. Clayton says:

    w00t! Go D! Thanks for creating such a shop for enthusiats, never has there been a place for people to go that work on their own cars.

  3. cmdxb says:

    Yeah! Gooo ALR! The shop is extremely clean and all the guys are awesome!

  4. layon07 says:

    any word on business cards yet? people wanna know or printable one’s?