Sup folks! This is the new Sibling Rivalry Event website. Gone are the days of antiquated websites that take weeks and months to update. We will now have a small staff of bloggers’ who keep the site maintained and fresh….

During the shows off season, we will keep you updated with product reviews, other events we go to support and just the scene in general.

Have a suggestion for the site or content? Post it up here or hit us up at [email protected]


3 Responses to First official post on the new SR blog…

  1. Homie da Clown...... says:


  2. johnny b rad says:

    Yo the show was mad legit kidd! Hope to see more from this crew…..dopeness.

  3. Bobby J says:

    Great feature to build into the site would be a calendar of upcoming events in the area, other than that good work on the site and will definately be back for SRS7.