So we thought we were witty and cutting edge mofos when we came up w the name “Sibling Rivalry : A TRD Theory” for our first event ever. Turns out, we were right and the name stuck! Many shows followed our format of Toyota, Scion and Lexus, largely due to the feature on the Scion Spin : Volume 3 DVD that focused on our second event, Sibling Rivalry : Ver 2.0. It was basically a “How to organize a sucessful dealer event” that played in all Toyota dealers in the south east for months. That feature was the jumping point for something much larger, as by our second event we had literally outgrown the dealer lot and were forced to turn cars away due to lack of space. Since then we have not looked back, and relocated SR to a privately owned parking garage in beautiful downtown Jacksonville where it has remained for the last 4 years and grown larger every single year since then.

However, needs grew as we left the safety of the dealer lot and the SRC (Sibling Rivalry Crew) really stepped up and delivered a top notch, entertainment laden FREE event that can be compared to nothing else on the east coast. Breakers, freestyle battles, RC Drifters, The 501st legion of Star Wars enthusiasts in full dress, Jacksonville Rollergirls, a huge vendor area, free food and TONS of raffles define our event as the premiere event on the east coast.

What started out as an idea, a supporting dealer and 50 ish cars on the Kieth Pierson Toyota Scion dealer lot, has grown into a 400+ car and 1000+ person mega enthusiast event that, unlike other shows and events, is FREE.

The Sibling Rivalry Event is only successful because of the support of YOU, local car clubs (Scikotics WHAT!), SR friends, SR family and the local area Toyota dealers. We can officially say that since the fall of HIN, NOPI and other events, there was a definitive need for an enthusiast event of this magnitude.

It’s not about trophies, whose fastest or what’s dopest (is that a word? lol), its about respecting each others style, enjoying other vehicles and just having a good time.

Remember, “Support the scene, not the politics of import shows!”

SRC Member since day 001.